The raffle is a great way to get attendees to open the app and keep them engaged. When you run it, a random attendee will be selected. They will see "You are a Winner!" on their screen. Their name will also show up on the presenter's screen, but that won't tell you much if your attendees are anonymous.

Who is eligible for the raffle?

There are a few options for the raffle to tailor to your use case.

Anyone who opts in asks the attendees to tap on their screens to confirm they want to be in the raffle. You can use this to select a random volunteer from the audience.

Anyone who submits email asks attendees for their email address. If you offer a prize, this is a great way to get a list of emails from your attendees.

Online attendees: picks from all attendees. It's very simple from the attendee's perspective so it's a good way to get attendees to open the app.

Everyone who passed the quiz picks a winner from those who passed a quiz of your choice.

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