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Broadcast View Configuration
Broadcast View Configuration

Ways to control what you see on your big screen

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We have updated our Broadcast View configuration panel. See below how you can now Broadcast your Polls and select all the different graphs available.

If you have a large display for your meetings, you can use Broadcast view to show the poll or question under discussion. The links to the Broadcast view are in the Presenter/Admin view.

Polls Broadcast View

The Polls Broadcast Views are available under "Broadcast" in the top bar.

Each poll can be enabled or disabled independently by clicking the TV toggle switch marked in green below.

Now, you can access the broadcast view configuration from the gear icon next to the TV icon. The Comparison View and Show Results by Team toggles.

The Comparison View allows you to select up to 4 different polls and compare them. The link to that comparison view is available from the Broadcast dropdown.

Here you can see the comparison view with 2 different graphs.

The Show Results by Team toggle allows you to set up teams by Custom data and by poll answer and then group polls responses by team.

You can choose bar or column graphs, or even a pie chart from this panel. You can also sort polls by vote and choose to display results as percentages or as a number of votes.

Q&A Broadcast View

You can find the broadcast view for Q&A in much the same place as the polls broadcast view.

Feed View

The Q&A Feed View shows a list of the submitted questions in upvoted order.

Slideshow View

The slideshow view shows only one question at a time. You can switch between questions in several ways. 

When you're in the Presenter view, you can click on a question to set it to broadcasting. Click on "Broadcast" to switch to that question automatically.
Note: this will also change the Feed View to show only that question.

Both Questions and Polls have a slideshow option. This will automatically display the different polls in order, like a slideshow. This option is disabled by default, but you can enable the slideshow by clicking the link in the lower-right corner.

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