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How to get attendees to use MeetingPulse
How to get attendees to use MeetingPulse

Getting audiences engaged in the meeting

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In order for an audience engagement tool to work, you have to get the audience to use the engagement tool. We've streamlined this process as much as possible by making it a one-tap link (with no installs), but you still have to get people to open their devices and tap the link.

We've found a number of techniques that help:

  • Try raffling something off, which requires them to open MeetingPulse to be eligible for the prize.

  • Create a humorous image poll with some funny pictures to break the ice before each session. Ideally an inside joke that only the people in the meeting would get. 

  • Make sure you’re transparent and responsive to the information attendees give you. This makes it clear to the attendees that you are interacting with them. Broadcast the poll answers and word clouds. Pay attention to questions and respond to the Pulse, if you’re using it. It’s often helpful to have a second moderator to handle the questions.

  • Quizzes on the subject matter and related topics can be fun and engaging too.

Contact us if you're not sure how to get your attendees involved.

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