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Do you have word clouds?
Do you have word clouds?

Use free text to collect input from attendees. It will be displayed in a word cloud

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Yes, we do have word clouds. Send your attendees a Free Text poll to collect their thoughts in their own words. MeetingPulse uses all the audience's responses to generate a word cloud. That word cloud is visible in the Broadcast view, but it will not show up on attendee's screens.

If you want to see the individual comments, those are also available in a number of places. When you export the polling data in CSV format, you'll see the text entered by each individual. 

You can switch the Broadcast mode to view that question as a feed instead of a word cloud. When you select a feed, you will see the responses in Presenter View as well.

You'll have access to the word cloud in the automated reports (available with Full and Enterprise subscriptions.) The individual comments will also be available in the final reports so you can see exactly what each individual said. 

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