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Release Notes for r123
Release Notes for r123

Reset voter and more changes to My Meetings

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MeetingPulse Release 123 Notes

My Meetings page update

MeetingPulse has a new and improved My Meetings page! It gives you more information and it is easier to navigate.

New Meeting Sections

The My Meetings page splits up the meetings into 3 sections, as it did before. 

Live Meetings: Meetings that are currently started and live. (formerly “Meetings in Progress”)

Created Meetings: Meetings that can be edited but are not yet started. These have been created or reset. (formerly “Pending Meetings”)

Finished Meetings:  Meetings that have ended but not reset. These are all meeting reports (formerly “Past Meeting Reports”)

Meeting Attendee Count

You can now see the number of attendees for each meeting.
Live Meetings: The total number of attendees who've entered meeting.
Finished Meetings: The number of attendees who entered the meeting.
Created Meetings: Always 0.

Collapsible Sections

Each section has a count of how many meetings are in it. You can also collapse the sections for a cleaner look.


Meeting name tips

When you create a new meeting, you can check out our good meeting name tips.

Keep it short:   Make it quick for attendees to type on their phone
Keep it simple:  Make it easy to tell anyone the meeting name (e.g. avoid special symbols)
Make it unique:  Use the name of your company or of the event

How It Works Video

We’ve added a quick video tutorial inside MeetingPulse. It’s a great way to show MeetingPulse to your colleagues. You might learn something new too!

The video will play in the app, but it’s also available on YouTube!

Reset for Next Voter

We’ve added a new feature to allow multiple attendees to easily share the same device. When you add a Thank You message to your polls, you will have the option to include a reset button. This button saves the responses of that voter and resets the polls for a new attendee to answer the same polls.

Draw people to your booth at conferences by handing them a tablet with quick and fun polling. Or mount the devices on a pedestal for a more self-serve approach. Make an even bigger impact with custom branding for your meeting. Contact support for more details.

Concerned your attendees won’t use their own devices (or might get distracted by their phone)? With the reset for next voter feature, you can provide one device per table and allow multiple attendees to share it.

Enable Reset for Next Voter

To enable the reset button, go to Settings -> Polls.

There, enable “add a thank you message” and “reset browser for next attendee”.

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