Release Notes r125

Translation for Q&A, new poll display types, better preference order polls and duplicating meetings. Released 6/27/2018.

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Translation for Q&A

Translation is available with moderation. You can enable Translation in Q&A settings.

Go to Settings -> Q&A to enable translation

When a question is submitted in a different language, you will get a “Translate” option in the right-side menu. 

Translate is shown in the purple box.

You will see both the original question and the English translation. 

Pending question with English translation.

Before you approve the question, you can edit the English translation. You can make it to be easier to understand or more grammatically correct. 

Select “Edit Translation” to edit the English. 

All attendees will see both the English translation and the original question once you approve it.

Attendee view of a translated question

Poll visualizations

Our latest release includes new ways to visualize poll results. We have bar graphs, column graphs and even pie charts. You can pick which visualization to use in the Presenter view by clicking the down-arrow. You can use these with single-answer polls, multiple-answer, preference order polls and yes/no polls.

Broadcast style selection available under the arrow

Column bar chart

Horizontal bar chart

3D Column Chart

3D column chart with 4 options

3D Bar Chart

3D Bars with 4 options

Pie chart

Pie chart with 4 options

Free Text feed

For free text polls, you can select whether to display a word cloud or a feed under the same Poll Broadcast Style drop-down.

Select Word Cloud or Answers Feed in the Poll Broadcast Style drop-down. 

Preference Order poll update

We’ve updated our Preference Order polls to make them even easier to use. You can now click or tap on the arrows to move a selection up or down. You can drag the options around by holding onto the slider on the left. If the list is long, you can now scroll through the list by dragging on the right side. 

Duplicate shared meetings

Duplicating shared meetings make it easy for an organization’s owner to share meeting templates. Create a meeting with all the appropriate settings, materials and polls, then share it through the Settings -> Roles tab. 

Share your meeting with a colleague under Users and roles

Your admins will have access to that meeting, but won’t be able to edit the settings. Now they can make a duplicate that they own and can customize as needed.

Your colleague will see the meeting in their list and be able to duplicate it.

This duplication option is great for rolling out templates to others in your organization. For example, we use these templates so admins can collect 360 feedback.

The 360-emily is a duplicate of 360-example

You can use this same technique if you want all presenters to use a minimum set of polls at a conference.

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