If you're planning an event with Q&A, you might want to know what questions your audience will have before the meeting starts. There are a few reasons to do this. 

  • Gathering questions before the event gives you an opportunity to prepare answers to those questions.

  • It gives your attendees time to think about the topic. They can see the other questions and upvote the ones that are most important to them.

  • Often one question will inspire others. Collecting questions before the event starts minimizes the number of questions people will want to ask after the event.

  • Collecting questions early allows people to do it at their desks, which can be helpful for people who have trouble with mobile devices.

There are different ways of doing this:

Create your meeting with some time in advance and use the Q&A module.

You'll just need to enable the Q&A module, create a Topic to group all submissions, publish the meeting in Meeting Pulse, and share the meeting URL with your audience so they can submit their questions ahead of time.

Open the meeting a couple of weeks (or months!) before the start of your event. Attendees can ask their questions, and the panelists or leaders will know what questions they'll need to answer.

Create an entry survey to collect pre-meeting questions

You can simply create an entry survey with a free text poll to capture questions and publish the meeting weeks or months in advance.

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