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Replying to Questions
Replying to Questions
Here are tips on using the reply feature of Q&A for your town halls and more!
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Running an effective Q&A is pretty easy with MeetingPulse, but here are some tips to make it even better.

Get help from teammates

When you're running an event, or even just presenting, it can be hard to keep track of everything at once. That's why MeetingPulse offers a variety of "roles". Invite your teammates to help you out with your meeting. You can control what they see, so they stay focused on what you need them to do. You can have some moderating the questions, while someone else manages the broadcast display. Others can handle any polls you want to send out.

You can also ask your teammates to answer questions as attendees. They can use text formatting to mark their answers as official.

Use speaker mode
Speaker mode gives you a whole new view. If you're the speaker, you'll see a list of the approved questions. You can quickly mark them as done or saved for later. You can even send a question to the broadcast view while you are answering it.

Speaker mode also gives you private chat with your moderator. That way your moderator can help keep you on time and consult about what questions should be approved.

Mark Official Answers

MeetingPulse gives you the opportunity to reply to questions directly. You're automatically tagged as the presenter for any of your replies. You can use the reply function to get more details from your audience about the question. Once you know the answer, you can mark it as the official answer while writing it:

You can also mark an answer as official after it's already been written by selecting that option in the drop-down.

Create an FAQ from your meeting

If you use the official response for your questions, MeetingPulse will automatically create a PDF with the questions and your answers.

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