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Release Notes for r128
Release Notes for r128

Release notes for r128, launched August 16, 2018

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MeetingPulse Release 128 Notes

Net Promoter Score Update

Problem: You want to find out how much of your audience will recommend your product or event to others.

Solution: Net Promoter Score is a way of calculating this. You can use our NPS poll type to ask your audience to rate how much they like something. This poll type has been available before this release, but we’ve updated it.

Instead of showing you the average rating, we now calculate the Net Promoter Score. The NPS can range from -100 to +100. A positive number is generally good, and a NPS greater than 50 is excellent. 


This score is visible in Presenter View…

Broadcast view… 

Attendee view…

And Reports…

We’ve also updated the emoji icons to be easier to read on different backgrounds.

Survey Duplication

Problem: For Day 1 of your event, you’ve created one beautiful survey, with nicely formatted instructions and lots of polls, but now you need basically the same survey for Day 2. Or maybe you want basically the same survey for multiple speakers.

Solution: Duplicate your survey and edit it!

The new duplicate option on Surveys will save you a lot of time setting up your meetings. Once you’ve set up the first survey, you can easily make a copy using the duplicate function. 

Tip: This makes it much more worthwhile to take the time to format your poll questions and instructions.


Mark-up Guide

MeetingPulse allows for a variety of text formatting in polls, Q&A, announcements, and more. Here are some of the common markup options that are available, but we frequently add new options. Contact support if you’re interested in learning more!

[i] italic [/i]

[b] bold [/b]

[u] underline [/u]

[large] larger text [/large]

[small] smaller text [/small]

[sup] superscript text [/sup]

[sub] subscript text [/sub]

[my link]( – a custom link: my link

[br] – a new line

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