Quiz Types

You enable a quiz question by creating a regular poll and putting it into Quiz Mode. Several different poll types can be made into quizzes.

This is a multiple-choice poll where attendees select one answer. 

This is a multiple-choice poll where attendees can select multiple answers. In order for them to get it correct, they must get toggle all the answers correctly. (If they only pick 2 correct answers when there are 3, they get the question wrong.)

Numeric Poll
Attendees can enter a number inside the range you specify. Tip: Use the range to guide attendees in how accurate they must be.


When you create a poll in quiz mode, the individual leaderboards are automatically generated. Select them from the Broadcast drop-down.

Leaderboards use whatever attendees put in the "Prompt for Name" field, so they aren't as good for anonymous meetings.

Team Leaderboards
We can also create team leaderboards for your events. Attendees are grouped into teams and the leaderboards show the combined score for each time. Contact support if you're interested.

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