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September Release: R129-R131
September Release: R129-R131

Leaderboards, Focus, Standalone surveys, Forms and custom Pages

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Leaderboards General Release

Problem: You want to test your audience, but they aren’t paying attention or being engaged. 

Solution: Use leaderboards to get some friendly competition going! 

You can now use leaderboards with your quiz polls to motivate your audience to pay attention.
By default, we show the top ten, but you can see the other scores by clicking on “Next 10” on the lower right corner.


We tally up the score on the quiz polls (1 point per poll) and show the results to your attendees once they’ve completed all the polls.

 The Leaderboard is a form of the Broadcast View. To show it, scroll to the bottom of the Polls slide and click “Launch Leaderboard”.

Forms and Standalone Surveys 

Problem: You want your audience to fill out a review form, but don’t want to interrupt the flow of polls.

Solution: Create a standalone survey!

When you create a survey, you now have the option to make it a standalone survey. This survey will be in a different section from the polls, so the attendees can answer it whenever they want.

By default, the standalone survey shows up in the Forms section. Attendees will be able to see the list of standalone surveys available to them to answer. 


Once they’ve completed the survey, they’ll see a green checkmark next to it.

A standalone survey has its own separate link so you can direct your audience to that survey in particular. Click on “Settings” after you create the survey to get the link. 

Tip: The link to the survey is different if you add a shortcut to the nav bar.


You can also pin the survey directly to the navigation bar by selecting “Add Shortcut”.

The attendee will see this:



Problem: You have a lot of content you want your audience to read but you don’t want them to have download anything

Solution: The WYSIWYG Pages feature of Materials

Instead of just uploading files to the Materials tab, you can create your own pages with the information you want to share. You can format the text, create headings, add links and images. While you’re editing it, you’ll see a preview of what it will look like to attendees.

To start, select “Page” from the drop-down and pick a title for your page.

This will open the page editor. Here you can change the paragraph alignment, font details and more.

You can save the page and come back to edit it at any time. The edit page includes the link for the saved page. 


In the page formatting, you can use custom data for attendees. Contact support for more details and training.


Your audience will see the page on the Materials slide.



Problem: You want to use both Q&A and polls but your audience won’t switch tabs at the right time.

Solution: Our new Focus feature allows you to control attendee’s device displays. Focus is available for all the modules: Pulse, Polls, Q&A, Materials, Raffle, Scheduler and Photos

During your presentation, send them to polls or pulse by clicking the Focus button.


Push them to Q&A when you’re taking questions from the audience.

You can send them to standalone surveys too!

When you click on the Focus button, you’ll be asked to confirm you want to change the focus on your audience’s devices.

Once the focus has been changed, you’ll see an alert on the top of your screen.

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