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Release Notes for R132A - October 9
Release Notes for R132A - October 9

Broadcast View

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Broadcast View Moved

Problem: You have lots of polls and hate having to scroll down to open the broadcast view

Solution: Use the “More” button to access broadcast views and CSV downloads

Instead of having links at the bottom, MeetingPulse now has the links grouped at the top. Simply hover over the MORE button and you’ll see the broadcast views and the CSV export. We’ve also added a convenient link to the comparison broadcast view. 

Timing Quizzes


Problem: Too many people end up with the same score on quizzes so there’s not clear winner

Solution: Use timed quizzes!

Now when you run a quiz, MeetingPulse will automatically track how long it takes users to complete the quiz. That time will be shown in the Leaderboards broadcast view and in the attendee’s quiz results slide.

Attendee Quiz Results 

Leaderboard with time display

Exit Survey Change

Problem: You want people to fill out an exit survey but they never exit the meeting

Solution: Use an In-Meeting survey

When you want to do an exit survey, we recommend using an in-meeting Survey. Launch it 5 minutes before the end of your event, while people still have the app open. 

We’ve removed the “Exit Survey” option, as it’s something we recommend against.

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