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Release Notes for 132B

Surveys, Randomized Polls, Scoring screen change

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Surveys of Consecutive Polls 

Problem: You want to launch a group of polls together, but you don’t want to have them show up on the same screen.

Solution: Create a multi-poll survey and enable “Show questions separately”. 

Add all the polls you want to launch together inside that survey. When you launch the survey, each attendee will see just the starting poll. Once they answer that poll, they can click “Next” to move on to the next poll in the survey.

Note: Consecutive Poll Surveys will not show any divider text or the name of the survey.


Randomized Polls 

Problem: Attendees might cheat by copying the answers of the person next to them.

Solution: Use a survey with randomized polls. 

Randomized polls change the order that the polls show up end out on each attendee’s personal device.

Tip: Randomized polls work great with Consecutive Surveys. 


Optional Quiz Results

Problem: Attendees are finding out the results of their quiz before you’re ready

Solution: Disable the “Thank You” message to hide the final score.

You may want to go over each quiz question separately, before moving onto the next quiz poll. The trouble is that attendees can just click “next” to see if they got the right answer. You want to hide the scoring screen.

Scoring Screen

Now you can control that final message through the Thank You message screen. 

Disable the “Thank You” message and attendees will not receive their final score.

Tip: Make sure to “Hide Results” on your quiz so attendees aren’t told the correct response after they answer.

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