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Release Notes for R133
Release Notes for R133

New Pulse Bubble-up animation and Numeric Polls for guessing how many marbles in a jar

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Numeric Polls 

Problem: You want your audience to be able to guess a number but not multiple choice.

Solution: Use Numeric Polls to ask each attendee to enter a number. 

The new Numeric Poll type prompts the attendee to respond to your question with a number. You can get the results as an average or see individual results in a feed.

Pick a range for your attendees to guide their answers. You can even make it a quiz!

You can use this to add some fun to your event and get people engaged. Include pictures in the poll question to do something like this:

Pulse Bubble-Up Animation

Problem: You can see how the audience is feeling with Pulse, but the attendees cannot.

Solution: Bubble-up animation

Now attendees can see the pulse of the room on any screen. The Pulse bubble ups and shows them the reactions from the rest of the audience.

This is a great way to energize your audience and get them engaged. It works really well in remote sessions when people can’t see each other. The animation is turned on by default.

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