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Release Notes for R134
Release Notes for R134

Grid Poll rating poll, Support Portal and new attendee screen.

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Grid Poll Type 

Problem: You want your audience to rate lots of things, but don’t want to take up space.

Solution: Use a grid poll to concisely communicate with your audience

The grid poll allows you to set a text value for each of the rating scores. The grid rating polls stack on top of each other closely to make everything fit better on small screens.


Like basic rating polls, you can select whatever range you like. Like the multiple choice polls, you can include as many items as you want!

Note: The grid poll does not show up in the broadcast view. We’ll be adding spider graphs soon! 

Introducing the new Support Portal!

In Q1, we introduced our in-app support chat so you can get help fast! Now we’ve added a support portal for tracking tougher issues that can’t be fixed immediately.

Simply go to and you can quickly create a ticket and an account.


No Such Meeting Screen

Problem: Attendees don’t always type in the correct address. Sometimes they create a new account instead of retyping it or give up altogether.

Solution: Tell attendees to check again!

When an attendee enters a URL for a meeting that doesn’t exist, they now get a much simpler error page. They’re prompted to enter a new meeting id. 

Tip: Pick meeting names that are easy to read and easy to type. Meeting names with repeated digits are easy to get wrong.

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