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Release Notes for R135
Release Notes for R135

Raffle update for Quizzes, One-word free text poll for word clouds, and auto-focus for Broadcast View.

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Raffle Update: Quizzes

Problem: You don’t have enough prizes for your gamification

Solution: Use the Quiz Raffle to pick from the best participants.

Our new quiz raffle gives you a new way to select attendees. When you have quizzes, the quiz raffle picks between the people who got 100% of the questions correct.

Winner on the left, loser on the right

 After you click New Raffle, pick Everyone who Passed the Quiz from the drop-down. On the right, you’ll see the number of attendees who answered all the quiz questions correctly.

Note: All quiz polls must be started in order for any attendees to be eligible.


Free Text Poll: One-word response

Problem: You ask attendees to submit one word but they add more.

Solution: Use the “Restrict response to one word” option

You can easily enable the one-word response option on the free text poll when you’re creating it.

This option prevents attendees from entering any spaces, making more effective word clouds.

Auto-Focus for Broadcast view

Problem: You are launching new polls but you don’t want to have to manage the broadcast view as well

Solution: Use the auto-focus for new polls

Now when you launch a new poll, the broadcast view automatically switches to that poll. The Broadcast View will also switch to a restarted poll. Stopping a poll does not change the Broadcast View.

If you don’t want to show a poll when you run it, you can turn off the broadcast view for that poll manually. Simply expand the poll and turn off the TV button highlighted in purple:

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