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Release Notes for December 2018
Release Notes for December 2018

Official responses in Q&A. Poll vote counting, max answers and reveal results. Raffle history and Personalize for custom themes. R136-7

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Q&A: Official Response - 12/10/18 - 12/27/18

Problem: Lots of people comment on a question and the presenter’s response gets lost.

Solution: Use the “Mark as official response” option!

When a presenter wants to give an answer to the question, they can tag their reply as an “official response”. This will bring the reply to the top of the comment thread so everyone can easily see it.

 If there’s a better comment, it’s easy to mark it as the official response instead.

Questions that have an official reply will have a “View Response” icon next to them.

The official response will always be at the top of the comments thread.

Polls: Vote counting switch

Problem: You need to know when the votes go over a certain threshold and want to see it in real time.

Solution: Switch the display mode to number of votes instead of as a percentage.

When you’re showing data in any view (presenter, broadcast and attendee), you can choose to show the number of votes instead of just the percentage of votes.

In small groups, the count of the votes often gives a clearer impression of the data than percentages.  

This new feature is part of the Poll Broadcast Style menu. To access it, expand the poll by clicking on the arrow to the left of the text. Next, click the arrow next to the broadcasting to screen icon. 

Select Display results “as number of votes” to show the vote counts.

Multiple Answer Polls: Max Answers

Problem: You want your audience to pick their top 5 choices but limit them to only 5 votes

Solution: Use the maximum answers feature in Multiple-Answer polls

It’s easy to limit your audience to only a few options. Simply enter the number of votes they’re allowed to cast in the “Limit max number of chosen answers”.

If they select more votes than the limit you set, they’ll get an error message.

Polls: Reveal Results Broadcast

Problem: You want to share the live results of your quiz but don’t want to give away the answers immediately.

Solution: Use the Reveal Results option.

With the reveal results option set to “hide”, the Broadcast View and Attendee view will not show which answer is correct. Once you’ve finished the quiz question, click “Show Correct” to reveal the correct answer to everyone.

Additionally, you can control the display of the audience’s voting in real-time. Choose “Hide Results” to disable the display of real-time poll results in Broadcast View and Attendee View. 

Results Shown and Correct Hidden

Results Hidden and Correct Shown

Results Shown and Correct Shown

Results Hidden and Correct Hidden

Raffle Update: Raffle in anonymized meetings

Problem: Anonymity frees your audience to give honest feedback, but you need to give the raffle winner their reward.

Solution: Use the “collect winner’s info” to keep the attendee data separate from your raffle winner data.

Now, when someone wins the raffle, they’ll be prompted to enter contact information. That data will be stored separately from their anonymous attendee number. 

This is also great for remote events where there’s no good way for your anonymous attendee to show you they won.

To enable it, go to Settings -> Raffles -> Enable “Collect winner’s info”.

Raffle Update: Custom Winner Message

Problem: You’re want to run raffles for different things but don’t want to confuse your audience.

Solution: Customize the winning message to say exactly what you mean.

In the raffle settings, enable Customize winner message. You’ll be able to write whatever message you want. 

Raffle Update: History

Problem: You’re running multiple raffles and you need to keep track of the winners.

Solution: Use the new raffle history to track it!

Every time you run a new raffle, MeetingPulse saves key information for you. You’ll be able to see the name and email of the person who won, along with how many participants there were. You can also see what type of raffle it was and the precise time it was run.

The attendees will also be able to see the names of the winners:


Problem: You want MeetingPulse to reflect your brand.

Solution: Use the personalize tool!

You can upload your logo and pick 2 colors with the Personalize tool. This is great for consultants who use MeetingPulse for different clients. You can also choose a dark or light background. Your choices will be visible in the preview on the right.

Is that not enough customization for you? Contact Support to talk about getting a custom theme or White Label.

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