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PowerPoint add-in by MeetingPulse
PowerPoint add-in by MeetingPulse

Run polls directly from PowerPoint and show results updated in real-time. Share leaderboards and Q&A broadcast views.

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In 3 Easy Steps...

  1. Create a meeting with some polls.

  2. Download the add-in.

  3. Insert the polls into your slides.

Watch this 1-minute video or scroll down for more detailed instructions.

Download the add-in

Get the MeetingPulse add-in from the Microsoft store.
(Note: the MeetingPulse add-in works on Macs with PowerPoint.)

You can also access the store in PowerPoint through the Get Add-ins button, under "Insert".

Search for MeetingPulse and then click Add.

Load it according to these instructions.

You will also need to create a meeting in MeetingPulse with the modules and polls you’ll want to use. Don’t worry about forgetting anything here; you’ll be able to make changes to the meeting after adding it to your presentation.

Sign into MeetingPulse

Insert MeetingPulse to your slide

Create a new presentation or add a new slide to your existing presentation.

You’ll want to find the Add-ins section of the Insert ribbon. Click on My Add-ins to open the Office Add-ins dialog.

Under My Add-ins, find MeetingPulse and click Add.

This will add the interface to MeetingPulse in your slide.

Sign in to MeetingPulse

You’ll be prompted to sign into your MeetingPulse account the first time you load the add-in. PowerPoint will remember your login so you don’t have to sign in again for each slide.

Add a Broadcast View to your presentation

Select the meeting for this presentation

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of meetings that are eligible for insertion. Click on the meeting you’ll be using in this presentation.

Select the slide for this presentation

From here, you can select what you want to show on this slide. Let’s start with the Q&A feed.

Click on the Q&A feed and add-in will load the live feed view. This will update in real time as your audience submits questions.

The feed view of Q&A is the best option for a hands-off presentation. Questions are added in real-time and the most upvoted questions go to the top.

Working with Polls

Start by creating polls in MeetingPulse

Log into MeetingPulse ( and open the meeting you want to embed. Open Polls and click Create a Poll.

You can choose between 10 different poll types: Single answer, Multiple answer, Preference order, Ranked choice voting, Yes/No, Free text, Numerical, Rating, Grid (multi-rating), NPS

You can add as many polls as you like, but let’s start with just one for right now.

Now click Publish Meeting to make it available to PowerPoint.

While you’re in MeetingPulse, you can select the Broadcast view options:

Pick the graph type (columns, bars, 3D columns, 3D bars or a pie chart). You can also choose whether to show results as a percentage or the number of votes. You can preview what it will look like through the broadcast view:

Set up the poll in PowerPoint

Create the slide you want to use to display this poll (it can just be blank.) Next, click on My Addins and select MeetingPulse.

If you’ve used the add-in before, you’ll be logged in. Otherwise, enter your username and password. 

Select the meeting to see a list of the polls you’ve created already. We’ll click on “How much do you like MeetingPulse?”

Now you’ll see the broadcast view of that poll on this slide.

Running the poll

Your Polls will automatically start once you get into each poll on the Slide Show. Besides, MeetingPulse add-in will let you run the polls from within PowerPoint. On the slide show, MeetingPulse will show you a button at the bottom right corner to Start and Stop the poll.

The poll display will be updated in real-time.

Running Quizzes

You can create a quiz through our multiple-choice poll types. We recommend hiding the correct answers by default. That way the correct answer won’t be shown immediately when you use a slide to run the poll.

There are a few ways to reveal the correct answer. 

The simplest thing to do is to simply announce the correct answer. However, showing it is often worth taking a few steps to make it work.

1. You can add an animated text box with the correct answer. This will be revealed next to the graph of the quiz. 

Create or select the text box that has the answer in it. Go to the Animations tab and select “appear”. 

Now when you do the slide show, you’ll have the MeetingPulse poll on the right to start. When you’re ready to reveal the answer, advance to the next slide, and the answer will be revealed.

2. Alternatively, you can use the “Reveal Correct” option in MeetingPulse and a second device. 

Open MeetingPulse on a second device, like your phone. (You could also have an assistant manage this part for you.)

Tap on the text of the poll to expand it so you can see all the options.

Now just tap “Correct Shown” to reveal the answer in your PowerPoint slide, like so:

Leaderboards for quizzes

You can share the leaderboard of the top contestants. The leaderboard is updated in real-time, so it can be fun to show it while launching quiz polls. 

You can add more than one view to a slide. Simply add the MeetingPulse add-in a second time. Here, I add the Leaderboard first on the left side.

Next, I click on the box on the right and click “My Add-ins” to add MeetingPulse.

Now when you reach this slide, the audience will get the poll on the right. The whole audience will be able to see how some people move up or down on the leaderboards, depending on their answers. (Note: the tie-breaker in the leaderboard is the amount of time it takes the attendee to respond.)

Changing the view you selected on the slide

You can also change which poll is shown on a slide. To do so, click in the center of the poll graph and type Backspace. This will bring you back to the list of polls and broadcast views.

Shortcut to insert MeetingPulse

You can now select from the recently used add-ins instead of having to open the add-in browser.

For even easier access, you can choose to “Add to the Quick Access Toolbar”, by right-clicking on the My Add-ins button.

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