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Release Notes for R143
Release Notes for R143

Alerts notify attendees of question response. Private Q&A chat. Hide unbooked schedule sessions on My Agenda. GUIDs available in more places

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MeetingPulse R143 Release Notes - 3/25/2019

New Alerts!

Problem: Attendees don’t notice when the moderator comments on their question.

Solution: Use the new Alerts panel to keep them updated.

Sometimes attendees have multiple questions they’ve asked or are focused on questions that other people have asked. Now when the presenter (or speaker) comments on their question they can see the alert right away. 

A red badge shows up next to the Q&A button, and the Alerts tab shows “1.” When they go to the alerts tab, it will show them which question has the comment. The attendee can then tap the question to go right to the comment.

Alerts are currently limited to Q&A. Attendees get a notification when the moderator, presenter or speaker comments on their question. Other attendees comments don’t trigger an alert. 

Since we plan to expand the Alert system, you turn on the Alerts slide through the general settings.

Note: Alerts are not push notifications and do not chime.


Q&A: Private conversations 

Problem: Someone has a good question, but it needs private follow-up.

Solution: Keep the question unapproved to keep your comments private and approve the question when you’re done.

Comments on questions that have not yet been approved are now marked “Private”. The attendee who asked the original question is the only one who can see these private comments, other than the admins. 

On the left, you have an unapproved question thread. In the middle is the view of the question writer after the question is approved. On the right side is what all other attendees will see.


Schedule: My Agenda option

Problem: You have too many sessions and the “Book here” link is getting in the way.

Solution: Enable “show only booked sessions in my agenda.”

Now instead of pressing at a particular time, attendees will click “Book sessions” to get a full list of the sessions. My Agenda will only include the sessions the attendee already booked.

If they want to change a particular session, they can click “Edit” and they’ll be taken to the part of the booking page where that session is.


Reports: User ID added

Problem: You have a meeting with bookable sessions and you want to let each speaker follow up with the attendees who booked the session.

Solution: Ask your audience for contact information in a poll and use the unique user IDs to link them.

The Polls export now includes the unique user ID (GUID). This ID is used in the Schedule session export. If you ask for follow up information in polls, you can link that information with the session export.

After everyone has signed up for their sessions, you can use the Schedule export to get the IDs that signed up for each session.

The IDs are comma separated and enclosed in quotation marks.

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