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Use markup to add text formatting in the MeetingPulse app
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Text Mark-up

MeetingPulse allows for a variety of text formatting in polls, Q&A, announcements, and more.

Here are some of the common markup options that are available, but we frequently add new options. Contact support if you’re interested in learning more!

[i] italic [/i]

[b] bold [/b]

[u] underline [/u]

[large] larger text [/large]

[small] smaller text [/small]

[sup] superscript text [/sup]

[sub] subscript text [/sub]

[br] – a new line

[my link](https://help.meet.ps) – a custom link: my link

[customData="dataLabel"] - add data from attendee upload file

[customData="dataLabel"|fallback] - use data from attendee upload file or show fallback text

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