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Release Notes for R150
Release Notes for R150
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Ideas: Call to Action customization

Problem: You want your audience to write in their own answers to a question and be able to vote on whose answer is the best.

Solution: Use our Ideas module with the new Call to action button.

By changing the call to action and “add shortcut to nav”, Ideas can be used for much more than brainstorming.

To use Ideas as a free text poll, change the submission button from “Add New Idea” to “Submit your answer”. Do this by entering “Submit your answer” to the “Call to action” field.

Enter the text of the question in the Challenge to Brainstorm. If the question is long, put some in the “More information” section. 


Ideas: Group chat room

Encourage your audience to engage with each other by having a dedicated chat room for casual conversation.

Add shortcut to nav: “chat”

Call to Action: “send message”

Challenge to brainstorm: “Group chat”

More information (Optional): Describe what people should chat about

Moderation (Optional): Messages must be approved by a moderator.

Voting (Not recommended): Messages will be sorted by submit time.

Commenting (Optional): Allow discussion threads on each message.
Note: comments are not subject moderation.


Ideas: Suggestion box

Use anonymous brainstorms to identify problems and potential solutions. Leave the meeting open for a month and then have a meeting to discuss the feedback.

Add shortcut to nav: “suggestions”

Call to Action: “submit suggestion”

Challenge to brainstorm: “Suggestion box”

More information (Optional): Describe what kinds of suggestions you want

Moderation (Optional): Suggestions must be approved by a moderator.

Voting: Upvoting on but Downvoting off.

Commenting (Optional): Allow discussion threads on each suggestion


Ideas: Separate Q&A for different speakers

Collect and organize questions for different speakers or sessions. Each speaker will only have to manage the questions directed at them. Use a different brainstorm for each speaker.

Add shortcut to nav: Off

Call to Action: “Submit question”

Challenge to brainstorm: “Questions for [Speaker’s name]”

More information: Include speaker’s topic(s) and when they speak.

Moderation (Optional): Questions must be approved by a moderator.

Voting on, downvoting off

Commenting (Optional): Allow discussion threads on each question


Pulse Broadcast View

Problem: You want to share the Pulse with your audience on a big screen.

Solution: Open the new broadcast view for Pulse.

We’ve added a broadcast view to our Pulse module. Now everyone in the audience can see the total votes over time.

Enable the bubble-up animation by clicking the lower right corner. 

Presenter Profile 

Problem: You need to update your account with a new name or email address.

Solution: Change them with to the new Account Settings menu.

From the My Meetings homepage, open the top left menu and select Account Settings. Update your name and email address as needed.

Changing your email? Verify it by sending a link to your email.

Click Verify to send the email. Then click the link!


Download Personalized data from reports

Problem: You uploaded personalized data for your attendees during the meeting. Now that it’s stopped, you want to download the data again.

Solution: Click on Invites to download your data

Click on Participants to open that section. Click on “Invites” to download the personalized data for users you uploaded.

You can also download the attendee codes and attendee IDs of the people who participated in the meeting. Click on “Participants” to see all the users who logged in.

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