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Using PowerPoint with multiple desktops
Using PowerPoint with multiple desktops

Create multiple desktops on Windows with PowerPoint to display any broadcast view including polls, ideas, Pulse and Q&A.

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Using Multiple Desktops to switch between broadcast views while presenting in PowerPoint

This technique works best if you have one person to run the polls and someone else to manage the projector computer.

Set up multiple desktops 

Microsoft has detailed instructions on how to create additional desktops, but there are detailed steps below.

Start by clicking the Task View button, next to Cortana.

This brings up the task window.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see “Desktop 1”. Click on the New Desktop option to create a second desktop.

Now you have 2 desktops. 

Click again on the Tasks view so you can move your windows. Drag the Broadcast View window to the second desktop.

You can now switch between the two desktops with a key stroke.
Use WINDOW-CTRL-arrow to switch. Right arrow goes to Desktop 2 and left arrow goes back to Desktop 1.

During the meeting

While you’re in the PowerPoint presentation, you start on Desktop 1. When you get to the slide that should show the polls, you will switch to Desktop 2. 

This technique will allow you to view the results smoothly. However, the polls will still need to be launched separately. This is easiest to do if someone else is hitting the "run" button. 

The Presenter/admin view is designed to be mobile-friendly, so the admin can simply use a tablet or even their phone to launch the polls.

Other broadcast views

This technique is also helpful if you want to share a broadcast view not available in the PowerPoint add-in. You can easily switch to an Idea's broadcast view or Pulse broadcast view.

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