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Release Notes for R162
Release Notes for R162

Schedule now has a 12-hour clock option, making it easy for Americans to read your agenda. Plus a few changes to Focus! 1/16/2020

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12-hour Clock inside Schedule

Problem: American attendees have difficulty reading the 24-hour times on your agenda and miss sessions.
Solution: Use the 12-hour setting in Schedule to switch to AM/PM instead.

We have been told by our customers from the USA that they find military time annoying, so we went ahead and fixed it. You can now use a 12-hour clock (USA format) in addition to our 24-hour clock (European format).

You can enable this with the "12-hour clock" in Schedule settings.

To get this, you go to the main settings section by clicking on the cog in the top right-hand corner of your meeting page

Select the Schedule settings from the list and you will see the option for “Use 12-Hour Clock”. Toggle this and it will give you the ability to show the USA format.

This setting applies to the Attendee view and Presenter preview. Session times must still be entered in 24-hour format.

Presenter preview:

Attendee view:

Problem: Attendees are not focusing on the right things
Solution: Use Focus to direct their attention at key parts of the meeting.

Control the attendee's experience

Focus will shift the screen the attendee is viewing once the presenter clicks on the Focus button. You can find the focus in the upper right corner on most modules.

When you click the Focus button, you'll get a pop-up to confirm you want to move attendees to that screen. It's not possible to cancel a focus, but you can change it by clicking Focus elsewhere. 

On joining, Focus takes precedence over Poll-switching

When an attendee joins in the middle of your event (or refreshes their page), they will be directed to the Focused screen and not the new poll. Attendees already in the meeting will be directed to the new poll.

Focus won't interrupt attendees 

Focus will shift attendees screens if they're on the first page of the modules or in a custom page in Materials

Focus will not switch the attendees: 

  • If the attendee is deep in the tool, like reading Q&A comments or looking at a standalone survey

  • If the attendee is currently typing

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