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Release Notes for R164
Release Notes for R164

Released February 20, 2020

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New Account Interface

With today’s release we’ve updated our opening dashboard to match the MeetingPulse white and purple branding. You get all the same features in a slick new interface. (The presenter view of meetings will still be dark so your screen doesn’t show a bright light while you’re presenting.)

One big change is that the main menu will be on the right side instead of the left.

We’ve moved the Manage Users page to “Users” on the top bar. We also moved the Organization tab out from the main menu. 

Easy access to Organization Stats

The Organization tab shows you key participation data for your whole organization. The data can be shown for the past year or the past month. This can give insight to when you get the most engagement with your audiences. It’s also great to see how many people join a meeting on average. The Users section will show you how many meetings each of your admins has run, along with their attendee count.

The Organization tab focuses on Polls and Q&A. Click on Questions asked to see how many questions attendees submitted. Question votes count the number of upvotes all the questions received in your organization. 

If you have a lot more questions than upvotes, that might indicate there are many different questions; consider scheduling more time to answer questions.

To look at your polling data, you can click on “Total Polls”. This will show you all the polls that have been run during meetings. Clicking on poll votes will show you how many attendees voted on all polls run by your organization. 



If you haven’t tried it already, Personalize is a great way to change the look and feel of your meetings. When you upload your logo, it’s included on the loading pages and throughout the app. Choose from a dark or light background. 

Use the Primary Color to control the color of the buttons. The Label color controls the color of the text on the buttons; make sure there’s a good contrast. Click on “Broadcast” to see how your theme will look on the broadcast screens. Attendee will show you how it looks on attendee’s personal devices.

Open Personalize by selecting it from the upper-right menu drop-down. It’s the same basic interface, but on a white background.

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