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Release Notes for R165

Poll results segmentation! Released March 19, 2020

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Problem: Your polls show your employees are dissatisfied but don’t give you enough detail to act.

Solution: Use our segmentation tool to find out which groups are most unhappy so you can focus on your needs.

With this new feature, you’re now able to segment and group multiple poll results by custom data, or by a specific poll answer (i.e department). You can find the split into teams feature in the poll settings.

You can use any single-answer poll segment your audience into team.

Once you’ve split your audience, you’ll see a new option to your broadcast list called “Broadcast control”.

Broadcast control allows you to control the results view and group the results by team, so you’re able to match results and process information more accurately and efficiently.


You can use a wide range of polls with segmentation. Split the results of any single answer, multiple-answer, yes/no, rating or NPS polls.

Engagement Report Segmentation

Segmentation can also be used to organize and group your results in the Engagement Report. The segmented polls section is enabled through the Polls and Surveys configuration setting.

Make sure to add a title to your segmentation section. Here you can also split by custom data or a specific poll. Then select which polls results to show in the segmented report.

The report will show several segments for each poll you select.

Again, you can use any single-answer poll to segment your audience. You can include single-answer, multi-answer, yes/no, rating or NPS polls.

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