Proxy Voting

Manage proxy rights for attendees who miss the event

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Are some of your audience missing your event?

That's a perfect time to use our proxy voting. Ask them to identify who should get their vote. That person will be able to vote for themselves and whomever they have proxy rights with.

Proxy voting is casting votes on behalf of another person or a group who may not be able to attend. This can happen in shareholder meetings, union elections, partner meetings, or HOAs.

Proxy voting is available in all of our poll types.

As the admin, you'll be able to set this in the attendee section of the meeting.

1. In order to be able to use Proxy voting in MeetingPulse, you need to have some attendees uploaded first. Here's how you can upload attendees into your MeetingPulse meeting.

2. Once you have uploaded your attendees, you can set up proxy voting by clicking on Settings > Attendees > Proxy Voting

3. In the Manage Proxy Rights settings, click on the attendee whose vote you'd like to delegate and click on Select, to pick the delegate from the list.

You have now set up your proxy voting.
​On the attendee view, the delegate will see a notification on the top with the number of votes they have been delegated.

The delegate attendee can choose to cast all proxy votes the same as one or clear the checkbox and cast a vote per each individual delegate.

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