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Release Notes for R167
Release Notes for R167

Released March 27, 2020

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We're unveiling our new Settings page:

Click on the toggle or name of the feature to disable it. Click on the settings icon on the right to access that feature's advanced settings. 

We've added easy access to the general Settings screen. You can now access directly it from any of the feature's advanced settings page.

Simplified Attendee Upload

Instead of multiple uploads for invited attendees, we now have one single upload. You can upload personalized schedules and custom data at the same time!

To upload attendees, simply navigate to the Attendees tab, and click on "+ ADD ATTENDEES".

We have created a CSV template for you that you can download, add your attendees and/or custom data, and then upload again. You can download this template from the "Download CSV template" button. 

Click on "show help" for a small guide to follow when adding attendees to your CSV template.

Once your CSV file is ready, click on "Upload Attendee List" to upload it into the system. It is important to note that any time you upload the file, it will over-write any existing data. So if you need to add more attendees later, or edit, or add more custom data to existing attendees, download the file, make edits, and re-upload again to keep the unique codes.

Zoom Integration (BETA)

Problem: You want to stream a video meeting and engage your attendees using MeetingPulse, but you don't want them to have to navigate between multiple windows, or use multiple links.

Solution: You can now integrate MeetingPulse with your Zoom meetings. This allows your attendees to join both Zoom and MeetingPulse meetings automatically when using the MeetingPulse link and shows them both in the same screen.

You can access the Zoom Integration from the Video tab in the meeting Settings page.

Use the toggle to enable this integration, and add the ID of the Zoom meeting you'd like to use. It is important to add the number only (i.e 4878197451), with no spaces (487 819 7451) or dashes (487-819-7451)

When you join a meeting, the attendee view will load in a split-screen mode to show the Zoom screen, as well as your MeetingPulse modules. 

This will work on mobile phones as well, without the need to install the Zoom app or any additional setup. 

Since this integration is still in Beta, we recommend using it in Chrome for best results.

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