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Release Notes for R169
Release Notes for R169

Released May 1, 2020

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Video Module

We're unveiling our brand new video module, 

With this module, you're able embed a live stream, or a video link to play within your meeting. You can enable the video module from the features menu, inside your meeting.

Embed a video or a live stream link from YouTube or Vimeo, and play it back anytime during your meeting.

 On the attendee view, a new icon will show up for video:

Auditor Role

The auditor role will have post-meeting access to the engagement report, to review meeting summary and statistics only. 

From the Settings menu, click on on Users and Roles. Select the user and assign them the Auditor role from the roles dropdown. 

When you're given an Auditor role, you will only be able to access the Engagement report for that meeting. You will be able to see the overall summary, and attendee votes, according to your meeting settings (i.e if you have anonymize attendees setup, etc).

The Auditor role will work on all polls, including proxy polls, and you're able to export the data into a CSV anytime. 

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