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Release Notes for R173
Release Notes for R173

New video features. Released June 24, 2020

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Start / Join Video

We have re-vamped our video module settings to include a Start and End button, that way, you can start and end the webinar video anytime you want, without having to disable the video module completely.

This is particularly useful when you're working with limited minutes, that way, you can start and stop the video anytime to reserve the remaining minutes.

We have also added a setting option to the video display, which can be used to control access to a specific microphone, webcam, etc.

That way, you're able to select which microphone or webcam you would like to use if you have multiple devices connected.

These changes apply to the attendee view as well.

End Video

To end the video, use the End option from the presenter view.

Use Leave Webinar Video to end the video for yourself only (as a presenter), or End Webinar Video for All to end the video for all attendees, and End Meeting to end the meeting completely.

Assign Questions

You can now assign questions to other members of your organization to answer. From the presenter view, select the question you'd like to assign and click on Assign.

You need to have Q&A moderation enabled, in order to be able to assign questions.

The assignee will also need to have the right permission to access the meeting. From Settings, go to Users and Roles to give moderator access.

On the moderator view, they will be able to see Assigned to Me section with all the questions listed.

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