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Release Notes for R174
Release Notes for R174

Our brand new Video Conference feature! Released July 6, 2020

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Written by Emily Zaehring
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We've released our new video conference (BETA) feature.

Using the conference mode, you're able to have many-to-many video meetings with your attendees.

To enable the conference mode, from your video module settings, select MeetingPulse Video > Conference

As a presenter, you'll be able to join and leave the video conference any time using the Join Video Conference button.

Similarly, your attendees will be able to join and leave the video conference using the Join/Leave buttons.

You're also able to share your camera, microphone, as well as your video while having a list of your attendees' video/mic.

it's important to note that our Video Conference feature is still in BETA, so we welcome any feedback to help improve this feature for all our customers.

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