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How to vote through SMS
How to vote through SMS
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Your attendees can vote on polls, and ask questions using SMS.

Setting up SMS voting:

To enable SMS voting, from the meeting Settings, click on SMS

Enable Allow Attendees to Participate via SMS, and select the number that you want to associate with that meeting

Once you've enabled SMS voting for a meeting, your attendees will be able to see the number associated with the meeting in the broadcast view.

Voting and submitting questions through SMS:

When running a multi-question poll, your attendees will send their response for the first poll, and receive an SMS with the next question, and submit their answers, again, and so on.

  • SMS voting is available for Single/multi-answer polls, free text polls, Yes/No polls, Rating, and NPS polls.

  • For number-based polls (single/multi/rating/NPS), attendees will send their response number in the list, or the rating/NPS value.

  • For multi-answer polls, they can separate their answers with spaces, commas, or semicolons.

  • For free text polls, they can submit their answer as plain text.

To submit questions, attendees must add the word "Ask" (case-insensitive) before their question text, e.g. "Ask How do I submit a question?" and send their SMS.

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