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Embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube in your events

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In these settings, you will be able to use MeetingPulse video and integrate with a 3rd party to embed a live stream, or a video link to play within your meeting. You can access video from the main settings.

You will be given 4 options:

MeetingPulse Video

Use MeetingPulse video to create a webinar (one-to-many) or a conference (many-to-many) Learn more

3rd Party Video

Integrate with Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, or Vmix call to add a video stream to your MeetingPulse meeting. Simply add the video URL in the "Embed third-party video" field, and play it back anytime during your meeting.

On the attendee view, they'll see the video on the left and the MeetingPulse modules on the right side like this:

Zoom Integration

Integrate Zoom meetings with MeetingPulse so your audience can see and hear you! Your attendees will automatically join both Zoom and MeetingPulse meetings from your meeting link ( They'll see Zoom and engage with you on MeetingPulse, all in the same browser. Learn more

Use custom data to display different videos for each attendee

In the video link field, use [customData="datalabel"] to link to the custom data field you have in your CSV file. You can use custom data to display different videos in the same meeting. This feature works with third-party video (i.e. Vimeo, Youtube, Zoom).

To embed a video (i.e. Vimeo or Youtube), include the full video link in your CSV file.

For the Zoom Integration, You will need two separate columns for meeting ID and password, one for the ID field, and one for the password field in MeetingPulse.

You can find more information on custom data and CSV upload here.

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