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Release Notes for R177
Release Notes for R177

Hide polls and schedule icon, notify new ideas by email and other improvements. Released Aug 15th, 2020

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Hide Polls and Schedule Icon

Problem: You need some time to create polls live, but you don't want to show an empty polls tab

Solution: Use the hide polls button to hide the polls tab while you're changing between polls, or if you're running an entry survey only.

Similarly, you can hide the schedule icon as well, using the hide button.

Notify Ideas by Email

Send email notifications when new ideas are submitted.

From the Ideas Settings, toggle on "Notify of new ideas by email", and add the email address you'd like to receive notifications on.

When new ideas are submitted, you will receive an email notification with the text, attendee information (if any), and meeting name.

Improved Attendee Upload

The new improvement on the attendee upload allows for a more reliable, asynchronous upload. This is particularly useful when uploading a larger CSV file with a lot of attendees.
The system will now do the upload in the background in iteration. It is recommended that attendee uploads and email invites are sent some time in advance, to ensure that all emails are processed and sent.

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