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Release Notes for R178
Release Notes for R178

Multi-speaker webinar, and new data carry over. Released Aug 31st, 2020

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Carry Over Meeting Data

We've redesigned what data is carried over when you reset or duplicate a meeting.

You can now move questions, polls and attendee names, and ideas data to the new meeting. Reset meeting creates a new fresh copy of the same meeting, using the same meeting URL. In contrast, duplicate meeting starts a new meeting with a new meeting URL.

Multi-Speaker Webinar

Problem: You want to allow multiple speakers/presenters in your meeting, but you don't want to allow all attendees to share their video/audio.

Solution: Use our multi-speaker webinar feature.

Webinar video is one-to-many only, meaning that only the speaker/presenter can broadcast video/audio to attendees. The multi-speaker feature allows you to include multiple speakers in the same webinar.

To allow multiple speakers, each speaker needs to have a manager role in that specific meeting.

It is also important to note that with multi-speaker, only one speaker can share their screen at a time.

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