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Release Notes for R180
Release Notes for R180

Released September 25th, 2020

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New Header Menu

We've updated our header menu on the admin side.

Module icons will appear at the top header of the meeting window. Settings and Report icons appear at the top right corner.

Quickly share your meeting URL, Copy the meeting URL, or quickly add Attendees from the share URL button, at the top left corner of your meeting window.

Allow Anonymous Submissions

Problem: You want your attendees to show their names/identity throughout the meeting, but still submit questions discreetly.

Solution: Use allow anonymous submissions

From Q&A settings > Enable Anonymous Submissions

When enabled, this will enable your attendees to ask questions anonymously, while still showing their name throughout the rest of the meeting.

Attendees will have the option to toggle between submitting a question anonymously or as themselves, from the attendee view.

When a question is submitted anonymously, it will show as anonymous to the moderator, and the attendee will not be able to see their questions on their list unless it is approved by the moderator.

Speaker Mode

Speaker mode is back! When enabled, speaker mode gives the user access to the Speaker view, which shows a lightweight interface with approved questions only.

To enable Speaker mode, from the meeting Settings >> Speaker mode

You can share a direct URL to the speaker view from the share meeting button, inside the meeting.

The Speaker view should show a light interface with the list of approved questions.

Important: To access the speaker mode, the user must have access to that meeting, meaning the meeting must be shared with them through one of the roles mentioned here.

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