Video Parameters
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Video parameters allow you to have more control over your video meeting by adding URL parameters to the embed video link.

These parameters are:

  • noVideo: This option allows you to have a video-less meeting URL for a video meeting.

  • autoplay: This will enable autoplay on embedded videos (AutoPlay is currently available on Desktop devices only).

  • muted: This allows you to mute the embedded video by default.

"noVideo" Parameter

For a video-less URL, add ?noVideo=true to your main meeting URL.

With video:


With video:

Without video:

"autoplay" Parameter

to enable autoplay for your embedded video, you can add ?autoplay=true to your embedded video URL,

"muted" Parameter

To mute embedded videos by default, you can add ?muted=true to your embedded video URL.

You can also combine more than one video parameter in your video URL:

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