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MeetingPulse Video Troubleshooting Tips
MeetingPulse Video Troubleshooting Tips
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If you're having issues during your video call, below are 5 quick troubleshooting steps that usually solve most issues.

Running calls smoothly depends heavily on your browser, so it is important to check if your browser is compatible; most common issues occur if you have any browser blockers, or you have many tabs open, etc.

Run the Google test

It's useful to try Google's browser test. It detects browser issues that may affect the call. This test is for your browser in general (not specific to video calls only), so it can be used for other browser-related tasks. To perform the test:

  • Open the test page here.

  • Click Start

  • Check if there are any problems, and resolve accordingly.

Common browser fixes:

If your browser test returns any issues, follow the steps below to resolve most of these issues.

  1. Reload your browser.

  2. Try Incognito or Private mode. Especially if you have browser extensions, like ad blockers, they can block your camera and microphone.

  3. Quit your browser. Don't just close from the "x" icon. QUIT and reopen.

  4. Try another browser. (Chrome, Safari or Firefox)

  5. Reboot your computer. Most people do not need to do this, but it can be a quick fix if you don't want to spend time troubleshooting.

More general tips on the browser test and packet loss

Your browser and operating system might not be talking to each other. Reloading, or rebooting, can clear out stalled network settings, for example.

Incognito mode doesn't load your browser extensions. So it is good to try using an Incognito window to clarify if an extension is blocking the video call from loading.

Even great networks can have packet loss, which is important for live media streaming. Take a network test here to verify the issue. Rebooting your computer, moving closer to your WiFi router, Or, if possible, connecting via Ethernet will usually fix network issues.

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