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Release Notes for R187
Release Notes for R187

Released on Jan 7, 2021

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Upload Poll Options & Dropdown

Problem: You have a long list of poll options, and you want to show a dropdown

Solution: Use the upload choices feature and show options as a dropdown.

Compile your list of options in a .csv or .txt file, and upload it into a Single Answer poll.

When creating your file, make sure that each choice is on a new row.

Scroll down to select your display option, either stacked, stacked with write-in, across, or dropdown!

On the attendee view, your attendees will see a nicely compiled dropdown to select from.

Note: The upload choices feature only supports text answers and no images.

Zoom Breakout Rooms

MeetingPulse x Zoom integration now supports Zoom Breakout rooms, which allow you to split your Zoom meeting into separate sessions and divide your audience into smaller groups. This is very beneficial for focused group brainstorming, team discussions, etc.

Managing your breakout rooms should be done in Zoom; for more information on enabling and setting up breakout rooms, please visit this article.


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