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Zoom Integration FAQ
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Q: Can I use Zoom chat on my mobile device?

When the Zoom chat window is open on a mobile device, you will not be able to close the chat window, making it difficult to view both video and chat simultaneously. We recommend using a computer browser to use the chat and video features simultaneously for the best experience.

Q: Can I use Zoom Gallery View with MeetingPulse?

You can use Zoom Gallery View with MeetingPulse; however, the gallery view is currently not supported on mobile browsers. You can find the full list of supported features and browser limitations here.

Q. Why won't Meetingpulse connect to my Zoom meeting?

To ensure that MeetingPulse connects to your Zoom meeting, confirm that you have 1. Enabled Zoom Integration from the video settings in MeetingPulse.

2. Entered your Zoom meeting ID into the input box in MeetingPulse, not your Zoom meeting link.

To find your Meeting ID in your live Zoom meeting, Click Participants or Manage Participants if you are the host of the meeting.

  1. Click Invite.

  2. The Meeting ID and passcode will be displayed.

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