Our Premium (annual) and Enterprise plans offer a custom domain, making it even easier for your attendees to remember the website address.

Please contact us through our chat feature or by emailing [email protected] with some domain suggestions to request your custom domain. We will then buy and set up a custom domain for you to point to your MeetingPulse meeting.

For example, you could use acme2018.com instead of meet.ps/acme-all-hands. It is important to note that we don't support sub-domains (i.e., acme2018.com/all-hands), only primary domains.

To set up a custom domain for your MeetingPulse meeting, click on Settings > Access and Identity > Use Custom Domain and add your domain name (without HTTPS://).

NOTE: It is important to remove the custom domain from the meeting before you end the meeting to re-use it with other meetings. If you happen to end the meeting without removing the custom domain, you can reset the meeting and release the domain that way.

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