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Release Notes for R190
Release Notes for R190

Vmix Call integration, and send code functionality. Released on 18 Feb, 2021

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Embed Vmix Video

MeetingPulse now supports Vmix calls as part of the 3rd party video integration. Add your Vmix call URL to the "Embed Video" field in the Video module settings.

To generate your Vmix call URL, you can use Vmix passive URL that is presented by Vmix itself.

Alternatively, you can generate a personalized URL to avoid attendees having to enter their name, simply attach the key (automatically generated password) and the guest name to using Key and Name URL parameters.


Where Key is the call password, and Name is the name of the connecting guest.

Example: The URL for the call shown in the screengrab above would be

Send code

Problem: you have invited your attendees, but they lost their custom access code.

Solution: They can use "send me my code" to receive their code immediately.


Attendees can now retrieve their custom access code from the meeting page itself by clicking on "Send me my code". The system will validate their email to check if it's on the invited list for that meeting and send the access code to that email.

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