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MeetingPulse in the Classroom
MeetingPulse in the Classroom

Use MeetingPulse to make your classes more engaging and interactive.

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Polls and quizzes

You can make your presentation stand out with Polls. It's always a great idea to bring something new to the class.

Create polls and use the quiz function to check your class’s understanding of various topics. You can give a short quiz at the end of class to check for comprehension.

Word clouds

Word clouds are great to be used as a warm-up activity.

Ask questions like “Which topic would you like to learn about today?” or simply ask them, “How are you feeling today?” You can use any question that comes to your mind and MeetingPulse will use the audience's responses to generate a word cloud.

You’ll then share results on a shared screen or a projector using our Broadcast view so that students can see them. The more a specific word is entered, the bigger it will appear in the word cloud.


With Pulse, you can check if everyone is OK with moving the conversation to a different topic.

During virtual classes, it could be that part of your audience needs more explanation, but they might not want to be put on the spot. They can use pulse instead to let you know how they feel.


Use quizzes with raffles to keep everyone engaged during the class.

Let your students know that at the end of the class there will be a quiz, and the ones who have all questions correct will be able to participate in a raffle.

Use MeetingPulse with your Presentations

If you have a presentation with slides already set up, you can also integrate polls or questions submitted from Q&A.

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