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Release Notes for R196

Quick meeting setup, released May 13, 2021

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Quick Setup

You can use our Quick Setup tool to set up your meetings in no time. Your meeting will be ready to go in a couple of clicks.

When you create a new meeting, you have the option to either start a meeting from scratch or use quick setup to save time and effort. The quick setup tool will help you design your meeting to your desired use-case, with a couple of clicks only.

When using quick setup, you will need to select an option from each of the 3 questions:

  • How will you use Video? This option determines whether you will be using MeetingPulse native video, a 3rd party video, or no video at all, and set up the video module accordingly.

  • Does your meeting require.. This option will turn on the Q&A module only, Polls Only, or Q&A, Polls, and Pulse together, depending on your selection.

  • Use attendee names? Choose Yes if you want to show attendee names in your meeting and No if you want to leave your meeting anonymous.

It is important to note that meetings created using the quick setup tool will start automatically, meaning that the Meeting URL will be live as soon as the meeting is created. In contrast, meetings created from scratch need to be manually started using the Start Meeting button.

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