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For Presenters: Get Started with MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop
For Presenters: Get Started with MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop

Whether you are doing a team huddle, AMA, All-hands, or hosting a conference - MeetingPulse will bring your Zoom meetings to life.

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How to install MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop

  1. Update to the latest Zoom client at

  2. Click here to add the MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop app to Zoom.

  3. You’ll be redirected to the browser, where you’ll need to Sign in to your Zoom account and authorize the app

  4. You’ll see a pop-up that will allow you to open MeetingPulse in the Zoom Desktop App. Click Open

  5. The app will open in your Zoom desktop client.

    Note: For enterprise accounts, users may need admins to enable Zoom Apps in the account settings for it to be visible in the desktop client and meeting toolbar.

How to uninstall MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop

  1. Click Manage > Installed Apps

  2. Click Uninstall next to the MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop App.

    Note: Access to your MeetingPulse meetings, reports, and account data, will automatically be retained. This way you’ll be able to access your account by opening MeetingPulse in the browser.

How to use MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop

With the new Apps feature on Zoom, you can use MeetingPulse's new app to add more interactivity to your meeting, set up polls, Q&A, and brainstorm sessions, or use the pulse module.

Setting up MeetingPulse as a Presenter (host)

Please note that in order to access you must log into Zoom with the same account on both your default browser and the Zoom client (Zoom app).

1. If you're the host of the Zoom meeting and you'd like to set up MeetingPulse, from your Zoom meeting, click on the Apps button.

2. Select the MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop app.

3. This will open up a login page where you can log in to your MeetingPulse account

4. Once you're logged in, you can either create a new MeetingPulse meeting from scratch by clicking Launch MeetingPulse, or you can select an existing MeetingPulse meeting from the list.

Note: if this is your first time logging into the MeetingPulse Zoom app, you will only see Launch MeetingPulse, click on it to proceed.

Inviting Attendees to Participate

Now that you have a MeetingPulse meeting set up and running, you can invite your Zoom attendees to participate through MeetingPulse.

Click on the icon in the middle to Invite

Select All participants to invite all your attendees, or click on attendees' names individually to invite them.


Now your attendees can see and answer polls, submit questions or ideas, and use everything you have set up for them!

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