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For Attendees: How to access MeetingPulse in Zoom
For Attendees: How to access MeetingPulse in Zoom

Our Zoom for Desktop app allows you to participate in Q&A, polling, raffles, and lots more, from right inside the Zoom client!

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Joining MeetingPulse inside your Zoom meeting means you get the best of Zoom AND the best of MeetingPulse's stellar interactivity. Depending on your host, you can brainstorm new ideas, chat, ask questions, participate in raffles, and pulse how you're feeling at any time.

Let's get started!

Go to and log in to download the Zoom desktop client from the Download center. Once it is installed, open the Zoom desktop client and log in there again.

Now, you can join your host meeting through an invite or by entering the Zoom meeting ID.

When the host is ready to start participation, you'll get a notification as shown below. (This notification will also be in the zoom chat, if available)

Click on "View" and you'll be ready to participate!

If you want to check out the chat or other side panels in Zoom, you can pop out the MeetingPulse meeting into a new window. Just click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select "Pop out".

If you run into any issues, try refreshing the MeetingPulse app.

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