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Guide to Q&A
Guide to Q&A
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MeetingPulse Q&A Feature

  • Create brainstorming and crowdsourcing sessions

  • Group your Q&As into Topics to better organize them

  • Sort Q&As from newest to oldest

  • Voting is even more powerful: choose upvoting/downvoting, upvoting only, 5-star rating, no voting, and more

  • Choose unique icons to identify different topics

  • Handle events with different speakers and meetings that cover multiple topics with ease.

  • Watch each topic show up automatically in the navigation strip at the bottom of the app!

To get started, create a new meeting, give it a name, set a custom URL (available only in Small Business and Enterprise subscriptions), and click on the purple button "Create". You can also check the box "Make meeting Live" which will publish the meeting.

Then you will be shown Q&A, Polls, and Pulse modules ready for you.

By default, you will have two Topics ready to use and modify, Q&A and Ideas. Modify them by clicking on the three vertical dots on the far right of each topic and then getting into "Settings"

You will see the following:

  1. Topic title

  2. Icon select (8 icons available)

  3. Topic label (this appears in the navbar)

  4. Additional information for the Topic

  5. Text showing up in the text field prompting for input

  6. Voting mode select

  7. Moderation toggle (available in Premium and Enterprise plans)

  8. Commenting toggle

Once you set this up, the topic will be ready. You can create additional topics in order to group questions sent by your attendees. You can also create a Topic and choose to hide it or show it to your audience.

Now, you're ready to capture questions into two different topics.

If you did not make your meeting live upon creating it, you need to go to the top right corner and click on "Publish" and then share the meeting URL with your audience.

If you are planning to capture questions before an event, you can review this article.

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