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Updates to our meetings dashboard
Updates to our meetings dashboard
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We heard you!

We are launching a new meetings dashboard with more options where you can easily find what you need in one click.

If you're an existing customer, don't worry about losing any of our features. Our new meetings dashboard is an improved version of the same functions you're already familiar with.

We've now moved the top menu to a collapsible sidebar so you can see more of your meetings at once.

Manage users and Organization tab

Go to Organization in the sidebar to pull up the organization stats.

Click on manage users to add or remove members in your organization.

Starting your meeting using the new dashboard

Use the new publish button to activate your meeting.

Once you publish your meeting, attendees will be able to submit their questions, answer polls and interact with any of the active modules.

Stop and resume your meeting at any time.

You now have the option to stop and resume your meeting as many times as you need.

Use the "stop" button to pause your meeting when required; you will have the option to resume it later.

When you stop your meeting, attendees will see the following message: This meeting is currently not Live.

By stopping your meeting, you'll be able to keep the same meeting URL and all the attendee data will remain in the same report.

Meeting URL and meeting title can now be different

Choose your preferred meeting name and customize the URL you want to share with your audience.

MeetingPulse allows you to choose the name of the meeting you'd like to use on the back-end and tailor your URL as desired.

The meeting title will show under your list of meetings in the admin view. You'll also see it on top of your screen once you open the meeting.

You can copy the meeting URL from your list of meetings or from inside your meeting.

Existing meetings and the new dashboard.

-All created meetings in your account (not started) will show as "Stopped" and you'll have the option to "Publish" to make them go live.

-Active meetings will continue to be active and they'll show in "Live" status

- Reports (Meetings that can be reset) will show as "Stopped" and you'll be able to publish them again.

-Reports (Meetings that can NOT be reset) You can make them resettable Stopped. They can also be reset and published.

Duplicate/Clone your meeting

Cloning your meeting will allow you to keep the same meeting settings and structure.

You can duplicate your meetings by clicking the "Clone" icon.

Duplicated meetings create a new meeting with the same structure at a new meeting URL.

Meeting Report

Now you can access your meeting reports for all live meetings from the meetings dashboard by clicking on the "Report" icon.

You can also access the report from inside your meeting like you're used to.

Rename your meetings or change the URL at anytime

Use the new re-name option to change the meeting name on the dashboard.

Deleting a meeting

Meetings can also be deleted if they're no longer needed. Note that if a meeting is deleted all data on it will be lost.

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