Pre-Event Survey

Collect valuable Pre-Event data from attendees to provide answers to important questions about executing your event or meeting.

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Guarantee success at your next event by utilizing a wide range of MeetingPulse tools. Kickstart your event with this template by finding out exactly what your attendees want to learn or hear, and maximizing that information.

Event professionals know that all the work that happens before an event makes or breaks its success. That’s why we’ve created the pre-event template: to reach out to attendees beforehand, find out what they want to see and hear, and to share critical information with them beforehand.

Create and launch this meeting template days before the actual event.

From your dashboard, in the drop-down in "Create Meeting" click on "Create from Template" or go directly to "Templates" from the left side panel and click on "Pre-Event Survey".

By default, this template will have three modules enabled that you can toggle on and off as you see fit.

In this template, attendees will be prompted with a welcome page that you can find in Materials. You can update it by going to the menu on the right in "Edit Content".

Also, you will get the Forms module with 3 preset Surveys that you can edit.

You can expand the list of questions in each Survey to collect feedback, gather demographic information, and more.

Additionally, you will see the Multi-Topic Q&A module enabled. This space is given to attendees so they can submit their expectations and suggestions for the event.

The suggested topic asks "What questions do you have about event logistics?". You can create a new topic to group suggestions or questions from your audience as needed.

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