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Capture key sales lead and prospect data, and run prize raffles onsite in a booth or event, via personal device or kiosk.

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From your dashboard, in the drop-down in "Create Meeting" click on "Create from Template" or go directly to "Templates" from the left side panel and click on "Lead Gen / Marketing". This template will help you with the following:

  • Entry surveys

    • Name/email address collection

  • Custom lead-qualifying questions

  • Distribute sales materials

  • Collect lead opt-in raffles for giveaways

  • Book booth appointments using Session Schedule

A lead generation meeting is a tool for a company's sales and marketing teams to capture information from attendees.

You can start with an entry survey that can help you collect contact information with additional items to help you better identify and categorize contacts. You already have a set of Polls in place but can delete them or add more to the survey. This will be the first thing your attendees will see so you may want to enable this module first.

You can also use the Forms module to create a lead qualification form

After collecting leads' contact information, you can enable the schedule module to have leads sign up for sessions and demos with your sales and marketing people. Include in the schedule all relevant information for the event.

In the materials module, you can upload and share any files you consider important such as a page with the speaker's bio, product materials, and even useful hyperlinks.

There is also the Raffle module. You can enable this module and run an opt-in raffle for giveaways to make it engaging and fun. You have the option to choose a winner among all participants or base the pool of participants on a Quiz.

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