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Get the fully connected event app with email invitations, schedules, speakers and session info, audience response, activity feed, and more.

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Prepare this meeting template before the actual event. From your dashboard, in the drop-down in "Create Meeting" click on "Create from Template" or go directly to "Templates" from the left side panel and click on "Conference App".

Flex all the powers of MeetingPulse by making it your conference’s app! See how to use multiple modules and how they are combined to create an entire app experience. In this template, you will find the following modules: Materials, Schedule, Chat, Multi-Topic Q&A, Pulse, Announce, Forms, Raffle, and Polls & Surveys.

The Materials can be used to create pages like the "Terms of Service", and Disclaimers, you can also upload useful files like brochures, maps, etc-

You can use the schedule module to have attendees sign up for sessions with your managers. Include in the schedule all relevant information for the event.

Chat will be available in this Template to boost communication and interaction among attendees. This activity feed will keep the conversation going

Use Pulse to create a buzz of shared feelings during the meeting. This module can be available for your audience throughout the entire event so they can click or tap on the different reactions during each part of the event. This module is already set up with 9 different reactions. You can go to the Pulse settings in the top left to modify it. Participants will be invited to select their skin tone for emojis with hand gestures.

A Q&A space with the ability to split contributions by topic can be created in here.

Polls & Surveys can be used to conduct small surveys to gather feedback from the audience.

Use our Announce module to share important news with your audience. This module lets you send a message to your audience and it pops up on their screens with a close notification button that will help you reach everyone.

Create different forms to collect information prior, during or event after the event.

There is also the Raffle module. You can enable this module and run an opt-in raffle for giveaways to make it engaging and fun. You have the option to choose a winner among all participants or base the pool of participants on a Quiz.

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